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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exam Cheating Device in India,9650321315

In recent years Exam Cheating Device is popular all over the world. Students used these products mostly. There are many products are used by students for cheating in the examination hall. Some of the products are Pen, watch, glasses, jacket, neck loop and many more products are available in the market today. Let we discuss some of the Product is used for Cheating.

1). Spy Bluetooth Pen:- This is maximum used device for cheating. This is wireless product which connects it to Cell phone and secret spy earpiece. Amplifier is inbuilt in the Bluetooth pen. You can hear voice within 15 cm range. Battery life of this cheating device is very good you can use it regularly 6 hours or standby 100 hours. It is a rechargeable battery. Range of this product is to cell phone 10 meter or earpiece 30 cm.

Spy Bluetooth Pen
Spy Bluetooth Pen


2). Spy Bluetooth watch: - Multiple tasks to be performed through Spy Bluetooth Watch device and microphone is inbuilt in this cheating device. It is very simple to use as compare to the other option. Battery life is 6 hour and it standby 60 hour. It is a rechargeable battery.
Spy Bluetooth Watch
Spy Bluetooth Watch

3). Spy Bluetooth Cap: - This is new device is introduced in the market. This can assist you at that situation when you are in trouble. Nobody notice them because it is look like a simple cap we wear daily. It can be used easily just put the cap and insert Spy Bluetooth Earpiece into your ear.
Spy Bluetooth Cap
Spy Bluetooth Cap


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