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Friday, November 8, 2013

Spy India Spyindia,9650321315

Spy India is a well known and major provider of devices and equipment that are used in several types of sting and secret functions. It has been working from the last 18 years in the promoting, production and distribution of spy items so known as devices. Spy has an incredibly knowledgeable and devoted group of experts which help you in selecting and obtaining the right item for your use. Our certified group does plenty of effort in making it certain that all items are thoroughly examined and of high quality before delivering them to offer in the marketplace. Spy India provides all its clients the best presented spy devices with complete support and directives in using them. Spy India always maintains the stock in large amounts so that it is always in a place to fulfill the clients' requirement quickly. The organization has many functional facilities across India which function from a place that is near to your living place. Spy India's is a private Restricted organization authorized under the laws and regulations of the secretary of state for business and sectors Government. Of Indian that is doing its business from a genuine work environment in town Delhi of India.

  • Spy India's is well known for generating, trading, providing and circulating spy products, monitoring accessories, spy devices & video cameras for more than 18 years.

  • It is a leading company in India which deals in spy accessories with an extensive.

  • Spy India has a team of dedicated, highly certified and expert technicians having decades of work encounters.

  • The administration is directly connected with the well known Government departments, Media Groups, Institutions, Protection, Intellect and LAW Companies, Sectors and private & public industry companies in India.

  • Spy India provides devices of globe's leading manufacturers & companies are well known for generating security accessories.

  • The organization imports its products from highly advanced countries such as Asia Taiwan Russian federation Israel and Chinese suppliers.

  • The organization has obtained a variety of clients' confidence who feel pleased around the world and the dedicated team is obtaining numerous reactions from the customers.

  • If you have any problem in installation process then feel free to contact us
    Company Information:
    M/s Spy India (P) Ltd
    B-7, Green Park Extn.
    Near Green Park Metro Station,
    New Delhi: - 110016
    Tel No: - 011- 40407474 Mob No: - +919650321315, +919958292263
     Technorati Code:ZMV2NW66HUAQ
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    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    Mobile Jammer,9650321315

    Mobile Jammer is an instrument to block receiving signals from the base station. These devices can be used that place where mobile should be silent like meeting room, conference room, museum, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, banks, classroom etc. These devices were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to interrupt communications by criminals and terrorists. Mobile jammer devices are portable in size and consume less power. Mobile Jammer can be used anywhere at any location without any effort because it is easy to install and simple to use.
    Mobile Jammer
    Mobile Jammer

    Older jammers sometimes were limited to working on phones using only analog or older digital mobile phone standards. Newer models such as the double and triple band jammers can block all widely used systems (CDMA, iDEN, GSM, etc.) and are even very effective against newer phones which hop to different frequencies and systems when interfered with. The radius of Cell Phone Jammers can range from a dozen feet for pocket models to kilometers for more dedicated units.
    Mobile Jammer is battery operated systems bcoz they are small in size and easy to operate. Stronger devices can be plugged into a standard outlet or wired into a vehicle's electrical system. The jammer's can vary widely effect based on factors such as indoor & outdoor settings, proximity to towers, presence of buildings and landscape, even temperature and humidity play a role. 

    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    Exam Cheating Device in India,9650321315

    In recent years Exam Cheating Device is popular all over the world. Students used these products mostly. There are many products are used by students for cheating in the examination hall. Some of the products are Pen, watch, glasses, jacket, neck loop and many more products are available in the market today. Let we discuss some of the Product is used for Cheating.

    1). Spy Bluetooth Pen:- This is maximum used device for cheating. This is wireless product which connects it to Cell phone and secret spy earpiece. Amplifier is inbuilt in the Bluetooth pen. You can hear voice within 15 cm range. Battery life of this cheating device is very good you can use it regularly 6 hours or standby 100 hours. It is a rechargeable battery. Range of this product is to cell phone 10 meter or earpiece 30 cm.

    Spy Bluetooth Pen
    Spy Bluetooth Pen


    2). Spy Bluetooth watch: - Multiple tasks to be performed through Spy Bluetooth Watch device and microphone is inbuilt in this cheating device. It is very simple to use as compare to the other option. Battery life is 6 hour and it standby 60 hour. It is a rechargeable battery.
    Spy Bluetooth Watch
    Spy Bluetooth Watch

    3). Spy Bluetooth Cap: - This is new device is introduced in the market. This can assist you at that situation when you are in trouble. Nobody notice them because it is look like a simple cap we wear daily. It can be used easily just put the cap and insert Spy Bluetooth Earpiece into your ear.
    Spy Bluetooth Cap
    Spy Bluetooth Cap

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Spy Gps Personal Tracker in India,9650321315

    Spy Gps Personal Tracker can be used in a large scale for spying professional and individuals. Basically these products are used in legal matter and in transportation industry. In legal matter a special type of the tracking system is used to monitor home and office. It is also used for monitoring situation. The transportation industry also uses a special tracking system to discover the best routes that decreases fuel expenses and avoid fines.

    Spy Gps Personal Tracker
    Spy Gps Personal Tracker
      Features of Gps Personal Tracker
    • You will be alerted if the tracking system goes out of the position set up.
    • Over speed limit: if the item goes across the speed limit set then an sms will be sent of the approx figures.
    • Protect the robbery of car: it can cut off the oil and the energy from far-away position.
    • Track exactly: It can be used in order to avoid robbery of automobiles, the security for children, individuals and animals, the control of personal ads, monitor privately.    
    We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers offering a variety of Gps Personal  Tracker system. Our personal Gps Tracker is designed to determine out the exact position of the individual. It is easy to find the position using Gps personal tracking system. There is no need of any special equipment it just requires internet connection for its use. 

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    Spy Wireless Ip Camera In Gurgaon,9650321315

    If you are thinking about your house's protection and you would like to increase it by installing some cameras, but you don’t want to deal with buying a lot of devices, Ip cameras are great choices for you. Ip cameras are cameras that are installed to a system that allows them to be monitored over the internet from any computer. If you already have a good device, wireless router, monitor, and pc, you don't have to buy a lot of additional devices for Ip cameras. You can get Ip cameras that connect to a network through an Ethernet cord, or you can get wireless Ip camera that connect to a wireless router without needing any cables. Wireless cameras are easy to set up, and can be placed further away than Ethernet Ip cameras. You have to do is make sure that your camera can choose up your wireless relationship from where you place it.

    Spy Wireless Ip Camera
    Spy Wireless Ip Camera
     Spy India (P) Ltd is a leading seller company of Spy Wireless Ip Camera in Gurgaon and all over India. We have a wide range of wireless Ip cameras that come with various specifications and functions. The price of a wireless camera depends on its quality and functions. You can find the best one from our website available with detailed information about its features, specification & price. Before buying you should need to consider that all functions are available which you want in your Spy Ip Camera.

    Features of Spy Wireless Ip Camera 
    • ·         Distant internet tracking from anywhere.
    • ·         Two way audio-video.
    • ·         Infra-Red light for night vision.
    • ·         300 level pan and 120 level points.
    • ·         3-4 hour battery power back-up.
    • ·         1 year company warranty.
    • ·         Micro HD Lens for Document Reading
     You can place your order online to Buy Spy Wireless Ip Camera from our website. Our online services are available 24*7 hours. If you have any query about spy products then our technical support team is online available to help you. Client satisfaction is our prime goal. 

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    Thursday, August 8, 2013

    Spy Invisible Playing Cards Contact Lenses,9650321315

    Spy Invisible Playing Cards contact lenses can be used to play various card games like flash, poker, teen Patti etc and help the user to win the game. This contact lens looks like a normal contact lens so that there will no chance of getting caught by your opponents. With the help of these contact lenses, the user can see the number and suit of the cards of other players without letting them know about it. Spy Playing Cards contain some secret markings. These secret markings can be seen through our special contact lens. These secret markings are written with the luminous link at the back side of Spy Playing Cards. These contact lenses are brown in color and it is completely safe for your eyes as it has been tested by the doctors. Even if you wear these contact lenses for 12 hours they will not affect your eyes at all. The secret markings on the back side of the cards cannot be seen through any other devices.

    Spy Invisible Playing Cards Contact Lenses
    Tips for Using Contact Lenses:
    • Using these invisible playing cards under the white light, especially the energy-saving light is best suited condition.
    • Please wash your hands properly before wearing our contact lenses so as to avoid infections in your eyes.
    • It is better for the player to wear the contact lenses some several hours before playing the poker games with these invisible playing cards for adaptation.

    • Available in brown color.
    • Contact lenses to see invisible playing cards.
    • Invisible ink for playing cards.
    • Luminous ink marks only & only visible from contact lens.
    • Contact lens will not affect your eyes as its tested by the doctors.
    • Clearly see the mark of poker with perspective contact lenses.
    • Support for all poker games: Blackjack, Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker.
    • 100% genuine products with 1 year warranty.